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Dating for Singles

If you live in Australia and you're single, Slinky is the site for you. We spend a lot of time working out how to get single people to meet each other. We figure it shouldn't cost you any money to do it either - After all you can save your money for your date! It's time for singles to go online.

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At Slinky, you can either search for your ideal date in your city using the quick search feature or you can register and do a full search for your ideal date in your area. Slinky provides free features for members to make their dating experience effective and fun. So, stop wasting your money at those dating sites that ask you for your hard earned cash - and use slinky for free.

Online Dating

Slinky offers the best of free online dating. Have a look around. Here we provide totally free online dating services for thousands of Australian's. You will never have to pay a cent to use our services because our site is supported by advertising.

Whether you're looking for a relationship, a travel partner, casual chat or just something to do on the weekend, you can find you a great date at our online dating community. Soon you will be having fun with online dating

If you're not sure whether you are ready to start online dating, read this: Dating Sites A Smart Way Of Finding Your Perfect Date
Alternatively our dating blog gives you some helpful online dating advice.

Live Life, Love Life.


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